Welcome to Budgeting Loan Help.com , this site aims to provide clear, up to date information on budgeting Loans, including what they are, who can qualify for a loan, how to apply for a loan and how much is offered. The reason for this is that the official DWP website is far to difficult to navigate if you are unsure of what questions you should be asking and it contains tonnes of  information that is irrelevant to getting a Budgeting Loan.

The site is active and manned during usual business hours by a group of volunteers  from the information sector.. we will try to answer all queries within 2 hours, however will generally be able to get you the answers that you need much sooner. so feel free to leave a comment or post on any of our pages, or directly on the ADVICE page for a speefy reply.

Please note that this is an open site, and as such we would advice that you keep any personal information like telephone numbers or National Insureance numbers to you self- we will delete them as soon as we see them!

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