Welcome to Budgeting Loan Help.com?, this site aims to provide clear, up to date information on budgeting Loans, including what they are, who can qualify for a loan, how to apply for a loan and how much is offered. The reason for this is that the official DWP website is far to difficult to navigate if you are unsure of what questions you should be asking and it contains tonnes of ?information that is irrelevant to getting a Budgeting Loan.

The site is active and manned during usual business hours by a group of volunteers ?from the information sector.. we will try to answer all queries within 2 hours, however will generally be able to get you the answers that you need much sooner. so feel free to leave a comment or post on any of our pages, or directly on the ADVICE?page for a speefy reply.

Please note that this is an open site, and as such we would advice that you keep any personal information like personal or 0345 telephone numbers or even 0300 numbers National Insureance numbers to you self- we will delete them as soon as we see them!

28 comments on “Budgeting Loan Help

  • I would like to apply for a budget loan for cloths I don’t know if iam in title to one iam receving benefit I think its esa I receive sick money iam paying back loans so I think I should be intitled to a loan of a crisis loan

  • I send a budget form off 3 weeks ago and can you email me back and say if I am getting it and how much please from john wood

    • I sent my form back off Nerly 3 weeks ago still haven’t got anything back could you send me the email adress to get in contact with someone please

  • Trying to find the address my friend needs to send her budgeting loan application form to….CO29DP is her postcode…Thanks in advance

  • Hi it’s chris chapelhow. I applied for a budgeting loan a couple weeks back. I got accepted so I signed the declaration to receive it. It’s been over a week since I last sent the reply slip in the post. I’ve not received my letter yet telling me when I’m going to receive the loan in my bank. I just wanted to find out what’s happening with the payment. If you could give me a ring on 07547668057 please.

  • Hi can u help me please, i applied before christmas and was told i hadnt been claiming for 26 weeks ( was told i was two weeks short) so iv just applied again and recieve the same letter saying iv not claimed long enough, iv been claiming IS since jan and JSA before that from june till january, without any gaps inbetween claims etc, can u help please

  • I received my budgeting loan decleration on Friday I didn’t put it in the pre paid envolope as I should of can you tell me were to send it to the letter that came with it says Wolverhampton thanks in advance

  • I applyed for a budgeting loan on the 13 th of may it is now the second on June and I have not heard back I would like to ask if someone could email or phone me letting me know what is going on thanks

  • Hi need to find out when I would be paid from being excepted for a budgeting loan iv sent back the reply slip need to know when I would get the payment have got no money to ring them to find out is they an email address so I can find out on it

  • Hi me and my partner got awarded a budgeting loan on 2nd of october 2015 but we haven’t had a letter or a text so we was just woundering what is happening please could you ring me 07901122463 thanks in advance

  • Please email me to tell me when my loan will be in my bank account I sent my signed declaration back last week thanks

  • I applied for a budgeting loan and they accepted my request. I signed the declaration letter but still I don’t get any response from you guys. I don’t have any idea when I am going to receive that loan in my bank. Can you help me in that situation?

  • How long after sending declaration form back do I have to wait before loan is processed into my bank account please email me and let me know thanks

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