One of the main problems that people that I speak to face when having been sanctioned is that they soon find that housing benefit is also stopped and this causes stress and debt that can easily be avoided!.

Hosing benefit ( like several other benefits) is PASSPORTED, this means that if you are in receipt of an income based benefit like JSA (ib) /ESA (ir) then your application to Housing Benefit is not processed fully, in fact its not really processed at all? this is because the HB section ask the same questions to assess your entitlement to HB and assume that as you? are being paid? another means tested benefit that you qualify for HB.

This is neat, cheaper for the council and generally quicker and simpler for you.. however IT LEAVES YOU VULNERABLE!

If you primary benefit is stopped for any reason, then so will your HB payments!

You can make? FULL STAND ALONE HB application at any time and I strongly suggest that you do make one ?so that your income is protected.

To apply for? a full assessment simply enquire at your local council about applying for HB, take the forms fill them in and then check that they have been processed in 2-3 weeks as a full assessment in your own right without the tie to any other benefit..

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