At the moment Budgeting loans are paid as cash directly into applicant bank accounts if accepted, this means that the Government has no way of knowing what the Budgeting Laon has been spent on, or that it has been spent on any of the items that it was granted to pay for. Should Budgeting Loans… Read More

Loan help and advice

Our aim to to provide clear and up-to-date advice based on general questions that you may have, we can not offer personalised finacial advice and ? We will: Offer a way to ask questions Research the answer Reply with links to relevent information Provide forms Provide general advice   All we need is your question… Read More

What is a budgeting Loan

Using a Budgeting loan to spread the cost of larger items when you are on benefits, is a sensible option for most as it allows those on lower incomes to buys goods that they need without having to use all of their benefits at once allowing them to budget effectively. There is no stigma attached… Read More

Budgeting Loan Criteria

As you may be aware, as part of the new welfare bill set out by the coalition Government Crisis Loans came to an end on March 31st 2013, however it is still possble to apply for and be awarded a Budgeting loan as they were not made from the discretionary social fund, and as such… Read More