How applications for Budgeting Loans are decided

Personal circumstances

We look at exactly the same circumstances for everyone when deciding how much we can pay you. These are:

  • whether you are single
  • whether you are a couple
  • whether you are single or a couple, with children

There is a set maximum amount of Budgeting Loan at any given time for each of these three circumstances. Your award will be based on the maximum Budgeting Loan that fits your particular circumstances of the three.

At the time your application is decided, you will have the same maximum Budgeting Loan amount available to you as everyone else has in your circumstances.

Priorities for Budgeting Loans

Jobcentre Plus has a fixed amount of money in its Social Fund budget to give out as loans. In order to ensure that this budget is not overspent, there are limits on the maximum amounts of Budgeting Loan allowable for the three different personal circumstances. These limits may go up or down depending on how much all Social Fund loan customers are applying for throughout the year.

The limit on the maximum amount of Budgeting Loan is first set for a single person, and then rules laid down by the Secretary of State give the limit for couples without children and one for families (including lone parents) with children. These are:

  • a couple will get one and one third times a single person amount
  • some-one with children will get two and one third times a single person amount

Because these limits on maximum amounts can be revised at any time, the amount appropriate to your particular circumstances can only be confirmed when your application is processed.

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