To apply for a budgeting laon you have to go through several stages, however you can try to speed up the process little and we are going to show you how.

The whole process can take ?3 weeks +

But first lets understand the process:

  1. You fill in the form
  2. You retrun the form
  3. The form goes to a sorting centre
  4. The form is sent to the processing office
  5. The form is logged
  6. The form is then placed into current work
  7. The form is assessed
  8. An offer is sent to you
  9. You return the offer
  10. The offer is sent to a sorting office
  11. The offer is sent to the processing office
  12. The acceptance letter is logged
  13. The acceptance is put into current work
  14. The acceptance if processed
  15. Your payment is issued.

Given that there are so many steps and you are relying on the Royal Mail at least twice during your application- it can take some time!

You CAN speed things up -a little?

The best way to do this is to cut out as many steps as possible, and make sure that your appliction is completed fully at each stage.



117 comments on “How long does it take

  • Hi I sent my acceptance letter off on a Friday when do you think the money will be in my account thank you Leanne recardo

  • Hi I sent off my acceptence letter 14/11/15 and still haven’t heard anything from you ? Please can you let me know how long it’s going to take please.

  • I sent my acceptance slip for budgeting loan back on Saturday 21/11/2015 and was wondering when I would receive the money. Thanks

  • Hi I sent my acceptance form back over two weeks ago then today o got another form o called them and they said I need to send a acceptance form back again so I think I will get the money by Christmas as my son needs a bed / Tuesday 15th December 2015

  • me and my friend both sent off for a budgeting loan at the exact time,i posted both letters, her offer came back on Monday which she signed and returned but i havnt heard anything about mine ? , thanks for any advice

  • Had my offer on the 18th December sent it back same day first class could you plz let me know what date it will be in my account yours sincerely s brewer..

  • Sent my acceptance letter off on the 15th December still waiting on payment anyone no how long it will be now? Thanks in advance

  • I send my declaration part off on the 20/01/2016 how long will it take until I get money the last time applied for one it took 3 days to go into my account but seems to be different his time

  • How long does it take for money to be in account after u send back the app appancent it 3 day or 5 days or 2 weeks please help there so many Ppl saying different days or weeks

  • Help. Job centre keeps telling me different days that the loan will go in my bank . getting frusted 🙁 as I’m moving soon .

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