To apply for a budgeting laon you have to go through several stages, however you can try to speed up the process little and we are going to show you how.

The whole process can take ?3 weeks +

But first lets understand the process:

  1. You fill in the form
  2. You retrun the form
  3. The form goes to a sorting centre
  4. The form is sent to the processing office
  5. The form is logged
  6. The form is then placed into current work
  7. The form is assessed
  8. An offer is sent to you
  9. You return the offer
  10. The offer is sent to a sorting office
  11. The offer is sent to the processing office
  12. The acceptance letter is logged
  13. The acceptance is put into current work
  14. The acceptance if processed
  15. Your payment is issued.

Given that there are so many steps and you are relying on the Royal Mail at least twice during your application- it can take some time!

You CAN speed things up -a little?

The best way to do this is to cut out as many steps as possible, and make sure that your appliction is completed fully at each stage.



117 comments on “How long does it take

  • I received my acceptance letter last Tuesday .
    I sent it back straight away as the post box is on my street ..
    When will I get my money ? I really need it

  • ass nt my acceptance of last Wednesday 1st class which was the day I also received it. I rang yesterday and they said they hadn’t yet received it and would probs be looking at Friday latest. How would they know that if they hadn’t even received it ??

  • Hi me and my partner got our offer yesterday and we accepted yesterday and took it to job centre straight away when will it b in our bank account

  • Is it true that you can now accept the offer they send you by phone so you dont have to post anything back

  • You are looking at 25 to 27days from sending application monies being in your bank.second class mail sent on a Saturday. is sorted as first class.June 2016

  • On universal credit and have applied successfully via phone for a budgeting advance, how long to be paid into my account?

  • Hello everyone, personally tale your application and acceptance letter to the JOBCENTRE will speed up x10. Usually takes week in between each letter over all takes three weeks from apply to receive In bank

  • I sent my application at the beginning of September. Got a text on the 7th saying they received it. Over a week later I got an offer which didn’t take into account my children! Had to write a letter to them. Received another offer last week saying that I had care of children was overlooked. Sent my acceptance. Phoned today. Was told I’ll be waiting 10-11 days for payment! The mistake was not mine. A friend applied at the same time as me. She got her money two weeks ago. Is it not realised that people apply because they’re facing difficulties and are stressed enough as it is?

  • This is an overview of mine and my house mates experience.
    Both applications were sent on 21st September. Offer letter for housemates stated it was sent on the 21st. Mine was stated as being applied for on the 23rd???!! Even though both were posted together on the 21st.?!
    Housemate received letter of offer dated 29th September on the 30th September. Sent back acceptance on 3rd of October. My offer letter was dated the 4th October and I received it on the 6th. I sent my acceptance back today, the 7th. As yet housemate hasn’t received the payment but estimated that it should be around the 14th. On that basis mine would probably be paid around the 28th? We shall see…..

    • *correction to previous comment. Mine should be paid around the 21st, of October.. So 30 days from application to receipt of payment.

  • I received a text on 13/10/16 that they would pay my loan out on 18/10/16. Does this mean the funds will be available on 18th or it’ll be 3 days from them paying it out and the funds will be available on 21st?

  • I got a tex on the 3rd November saying there received my application for loan 2weeks later I haven’t heard anything else people I know have received an offer how come I haven’t yet

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