The ammount that you can apply for and receive is based on your personal circumstances, as a general rule no body can get more than ?1500, this includes any othe rloans that you have with the DWP- so if you already owe ?1000 in Crisis loan or an old Budgeting Loan, then you can only apply for a maximum of ?500 this time round.

Your circumstances and the current overall state of the loan budget determine the maximum amount of Budgeting Loan you are allowed to have. But the actual amount awarded will also depend on whether you have existing Budgeting Loan debt.

If you have no existing Budgeting Loan debt you may be able to have a Budgeting Loan up to your maximum allowable amount.

However, if you do have existing Budgeting Loan debt, the size of any further Budgeting Loan you can have will depend on what you already owe. We can only consider a new Budgeting Loan for the difference between your maximum allowable amount and the amount you already owe (where this is a lesser amount).

For example:

  • If your maximum allowable Budgeting Loan is ?700
  • and your existing Budgeting Loan debt is ?500
  • and you apply for a further loan of ?300

a further loan of only ?200 could be considered. This is because the amount already owed (?500), plus any further loan (?300) cannot be more than the maximum amount of Budgeting Loan allowable (?700). In the same example, if the existing Budgeting Loan debt were ?400 or lower, a further ?300 loan could be considered.

The figures above are used only to show how awards are calculated.

Further adjustments to the final amount of a Budgeting Loan are made based on;
Any savings you have
Rules about minimum and maximum amounts of loan debt
How much you can afford to repay


If you have any savings

The amount of loan you will get will be reduced, on a pound for pound basis, by any savings you or your partner have over ?1,000 (?2,000 if you or your partner are aged 61 or over).

Minimum and maximum amounts

The minimum you can be paid as a Budgeting Loan is ?100. Your maximum debt to the Social Fund, including both Budgeting Loan and Crisis Loan debt, cannot be more than ?1,500. So, after deciding how much you can have as a new Budgeting Loan using all the preceding tests above, we may restrict this loan in order to keep your total debt within ?1,500.

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  • can you please send me a form for a budgeting loan my name is fiona beck 95 Larbert road Bonnybridge fk4 1en

  • I have applied for a budgeting loan almost 3weeks ago,before I applied I telephoned first to see what my limit was and I was eligible to apply for ?452 at that present time of call ie: it was a morning call and dwp cash budgets of owed and paid loans within the system was being updated later afternoon the adviser on phone said my amount could increase due to a previous loan payed off that same week, so filled in a budgeting loan application. Form posted it off its been almost 3weeks and not heard Anything, I have to queries 1) can I be offerd what I asked for which is ?700 my budget for myself claiming esa for continuous time of over 5yrs also claiming child tax credit for my 18month old baby ?60 chb ?20 my allowable budget is ?800 and I have ?232.00 to start paying back this week from a previous one nw! 2)when my acceptance letter arrives money be processed straight into named bank Account earlier ?? The reason for question (2) the last time I had a budgeting loan the money was deposited into my bank days before I received letter back of when payment wil be despatched. I look forward to hearing from you s.moxam

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