Budgeting advance loan amounts

The amount of loan that you can get when applying for a Budgeting Advance (BA) will depend on your personal circumstances and will mirror the rates that are presently paid as part of the Budgeting Loan system.

Loans are paid out a national Budget and each loan is calculated based on the amount of money left in the budget for late year.

This makes the amounts loaned vary dependant on how many people apply and the circumstances of each person.

The amount that can be borrowed depends on whether the applicant is:

? single and Childless ?348?

? one of a couple or ?464

? either single or one of a couple with one or more child ?812

The final amount depends on:

? the amount outstanding on any previous Social Fund loans
? the amount of any capital/savings the applicant has.
? minimum loan is ?100
? Maximum loan ?1500 ( limited by outstanding loan debt)

10 comments on “Loan Amounts

  • i need the loan for houshold repairs and new clothig and bedding because of my medical condition of psoriasis and to buy a new matress because it is all stained with blood which i cannot remove

  • MY LANDLORD would like me and my partner to move prior to end of contract and we would be willing to move if we had the extra cash needed , plus we have got behind with our bills , who do we ask for assist ?

  • I have applied for a budgeting loan its been 8 days and I have not heard anything I don’t no if I should ring them to find out if I have been accepted or refused as I have never applied before as I didn’t no I could as it would really help maggie

  • hi i wondered if somebody could email me as i need an advance benefit payment advance thanku 07/07/2014

    • hi heather as I have just read your comment lol, im just wandering did you get a positive response as I have been waiting almost 3weeks for my reply slip but very very sure im getting.it

  • i Sent my budget loan form in nearly 3 weeks ago can u let me know if you got it and if a decision has been made ?

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