Budgeting advance criteria

The criteria to get a Budgeting Advance is just the same as the criteria for claiming a Budgeting Loan, however as the a budgeting advance is only available to those claiming Universal Credit.

To apply for a Budgeting advance you must:

? Live in the UK
? Be 18 or over
? Have been in receipt of a qualifying Benefit ( Universal Credit only)
? Have been on a qualifying Benefit for 26 weeks ( without break)
? Not already have ?1500 Social Fund debt ( Including Crisis Loans and Budgeting Loans)

As most people will stay on the older benefits like Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseekers Allowance, Pension Credit (PC)
and Income support until Universal Credit is fully rolled out, very few people will need to apply for an BA, instead these people can still apply for a Budgeting Loan in the same was as before.

One comment on “Budgeting Advance Loan Criteria

  • ive made a new claim to esa on 6/8/13. my claim n,t yet sorted and too leave it for few days then apply for ashort term advance payment. can u help before i get into fiancial hardship. thank you sandra.

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