What do budgeting advances cover

Much like Budgeting Loan applications Budgeting advances will have a specific list of items that you can apply for a loan to help with, applicants are unlikely to be awarded a loan if they apply for a loan to cover items that are not specified on the list of acceptable expenses.

You can apply for a (BA) loan for:

? Furniture and household equipment
? Clothing and footwear
? Rent in advance and/or removal expenses to secure fresh accommodation
? Improvement, maintenance and security of the home
? Travelling expenses
? Expenses associated with seeking or re-entering work
? Maternity or Funeral expenses
? HP and other debts (for expenses associated with any of the above)

3 comments on “What they cover

  • I am a widow living alone, I so sadly lost my 26 yr old ex Royal Marine son to malaria last year, my son paid for every thing since his fathers sudden death.I am now struggling so badly for money the stress is adding to my already bad health problems I am on medication for stress and anxiety.I need a loan for everyday expenses, bills and loans.
    I would be grateful for any help you could supply, kind regard,s mrs d dagnan

  • hi I am on esa and disability living allowance I want to know if I can get a loan for deposit/bond on a rented bungalow I am interested in. I am already in a private rented house and get housing benefit but due to my health I need a bungalow as I cant climb steps easily and have to sleep on the settee down stairs and struggle to climb the stairs to use the bathroom. if you cant help with the funding is there any organisations that can . thank you mr p maud

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